Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Flying experience the day after the KFA debacle

On 16 November, after having booked myself on a full service flight, I am informed by the ticket rep that we have closed down our business lounge till further notice. And I thought I was flying a full service airline!

Once I complete the security formalities, I am amazed to see that the boarding gates are not manned. However, I notice at least 20 reps from the airline congregating for probably bashing up the airline management for making losses and in all likelihood contemplating their potential sacking.

While waiting for the Boarding gates to open the business news channel relays that petrol prices have been reduced but ATF prices would increase.

Finally, I read that mr sorry dr Mallya has a foreign investor lined up for KFA.
I seriously wonder strategic intent to the full service airline business in India at this time!

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