Sunday, November 13, 2011


Male camaraderie and bonding is clear when it comes to soccer, cricket and gadgets. With fakeiplplayer now releasing his very own book, I’m convinced that men today quite thoroughly and perhaps now openly enjoy idle gossip and controversies surrounding underhanded politics...albeit in the world of cricket! The blog has garnered significant interest from single males 20 and above, with a graduate degree or higher, browsing primarily from home. When I compare the audience for cosmopolitan, a website whose content includes articles on idle talk and gossip, it is dominated by single females 20 and above, browsing primarily from home or school with a diverse education. Both websites with content centred on juicy topics and gossip generate audiences that are completely contrasting. Women have been open to admit that they are attracted to this format but the number of men lured to a site that focuses on idle gossip and controversies suggests that maybe the fakeiplplayer has opened up a whole new market for writers, marketing guys and entrepreneurs.

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